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Prime Minister Sana Marin, Finland

Today, the world is shaped by educated young leaders who love people, animals, and the environment. These leaders bring a few examples to the world and increase the hope of a brighter future. Compared to many leaders in different countries, these leaders deal with the challenges of the world and render a better service to their followers.

Sana Marin the millennial feminist, environmentalist, 35-year-old young woman, the Finnish Prime Minister brings much hope to the world. Along with her governing coalition of four other women,  Marin is acclaimed as an icon of progressive feminism, a new leader for a new era, with an ambitious agenda to make the country better. Marin is the head of government in which 12 of the 19 cabinet posts are staffed by women.  “No need for the future is feminine T-shirts”. In Finland, the future is already here.

Finland is a beautiful country with 5.5 million inhabitants and an unrealistic landscape. The educational system is well developed with a very low crime rate. Many studies reveal that Finns are usually happy. Finland is third in the world for gender equality and fifth in income inequality, with only 6.6 percent unemployed. The country is doing better in terms of soft power-the egalitarianism, family benefits, and forward-thinking environmentalism. For instance, Finland has some of the most ambitious climate goals in the world.

Marin was born in Helsinki on 16 November 1985 and spent her childhood in Pirkkala. She currently resides in Tampere with her husband and child. After completing the second cycle of general secondary education, she obtained an MA in Administrative Science from the University of Tampere in 2017. Her master’s thesis, titled “Finland, a country of Mayors”, focused on the process of professionalization of political leadership in Finnish cities. Maria’s studies go hand in hand with her career as a politician.

Sana Marin has been a member of the Social Democratic Party and a member of the Finnish Parliament since 2015. In 2015, Marin was elected to Parliament for the first time. Sana served as the Minister of Transport and Communication for a short period before she was selected as the Prime minister after Antti Rinne who had to resign in the wake of the 2019 postal strike. At the age of 34, she was the youngest woman state leader in the world and the youngest Prime Minister of Finland.  She became the third woman Prime Minister in the history of Finland.

Climate issues and the loss of biodiversity was the main thing that brought Marin to politics at the age of 20 with her belief that the older generation did not realize the importance of climate issues, or they are not giving adequate attention. Marin believes that climate issues should be dealt with more effectively if the world needs a better place for us all. Marin always highlights Finland’s commitment to gender equality and its climate goals. The people of Finland appreciate his compassion and dedication to these objectives and her COVID-19 decision-making process.  Marin’s clear communication style during the pandemic and work ethic garnered widespread praise. She effectively uses social media to reach out to Finns.

Global media suggests that Maria is a female role model for the abundance of girls worldwide seeking to join politics. Yes, there is more to learn from her!

Dewondara Arachchi
Dewondara Arachchi
Social and Political Analyser, Writer


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