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Power of Speech

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Human being is unique among all other beings on this earth in various ways. The most significant characteristic is the capability to speak. Man has this wonderful ability to communicate in complex mode with exchanging messages and feelings among mankind. No other animal kind has been recognized having such prized aptitude in communication. In the modern world, with enriched technologies in communications, human being is all the time, competing to gain life goals through different tactics. As a dominant instrument, ability to speak can be effectively used to gain control of the public, influence and change peoples’ minds, behaviors, and attitudes. Most of the powerful and inspired leadership utilized this secret skill expertly and majority of them were able to transform the world.

The ability of speech is not simple as our day-to-day conversations. Most of the people are very succeeding in this. Nonetheless, public speaking is a skill which needs a competent to practice and training. It’s one great challenge to overcome. There are different pathways to acquire this competency for anyone’s life. Most obviously, those who interested in developing public speaking skills should not be unable to call to mind Toastmasters speaking clubs. It’s the worldwide active club dedicated to improving public speaking skills.

Any good speaker needs to reflect a number of factors in persuasive speeches. Those can be about the content of the speech, speaker’s body languages, tone, and voice and more. All the factors collectively supportive on a powerful speech. Yet, among all, preparedness with constant practice takes the uppermost significance.

Script of a speech: For any organized, well planned speech, the basis is the script. Every other step of the speech is governed by this. The script should have a solid content with a factual message to be delivered. The content may be on any subject or topic. The successful speech needs to be organized in a logical sequence. It may be based on the steps of a process, chronological order of a series of events, or any other logical sequence. It constantly supportive of the speaker to deliver his or her speech without hesitancies or confusions. Furthermore, it is facilitated to transfer the message correctly to the audience minds. There are many other factors to be considered in scripts.

Body languages: Supplementing to the verbal conveyance, body languages all the time stand helping for the meaningful perfection to the speeches. They need unceasing rehearsal to use body languages having right coordination with the flow of speech. Mainly, a speaker needs to know the ways of using hands, body movements, facial expressions, eye contacts, voice and tone control. All of these are valuable additions to the vocal conveyances. 

Mentorships: Same as it is essentially vital having a good trainer or teacher to teach any subject, a fresher to public speaking also require apposite help, direction by an experienced mentor. It takes the protégé in the right pathway towards success. Also, it’s the quickest way to reach the anticipated capabilities. 

The best endorsement to those who hoping to advance skill of the influential public speaking is to join in a Toastmasters International club in close proximity. Being a member, your training will be always with precious added support to gain the guaranteed results.

Toastmasters International has thousands of members worldwide. Most of them join to overcome their challenge with public speaking. Among them, some go on to be great speakers and many become average to good speakers. These differences determined by the intention and determination of the person. Toastmasters is a peer learning forum. Those who wish to be a good speaker will get the inputs you require and the support to reach your goal. 

Some are born to be a leader and communicator. Toastmaster offers a platform to help anyone to move to the next level in public speaking and in leadership with no limits.  That means when you lack communication and want a platform to practice with purposeful guidelines, Toastmasters is the best supporter to fulfil that. There are multiple people who made their mark in the international forum and become famous. Among them, Dananjaya Hettiarachchi is the first Sri Lankan winner of Toastmasters International -World Championship of Public Speaking. There are many great speakers who got support from toastmasters and became world champions.  You can see a list through the following link:

Link: Some Well Known Toastmasters – Lakes Region Toastmasters (toastmastersclubs.org)

Your power of the speech can definitely change your fate into a very advanced state. You will gain the ability to explore an unexplored world merely with such outstanding talent.      

Priyanga Kumara Premarathne
Priyanga Kumara Premarathne
M.Sc.(EE), B.Sc. (Sp) Agric. Australia


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