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Fences – Movie

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The movie “Fences” produced in 2016

“Some build a fence to keep people out, others build it to keep them inside.”

A fence surrounds us, but what kind it is, how it is, what are its essential elements, a fence created by sharpness, fueled by fear, prolonged by anger, fixed by tense days full of screams that echo in the echoes of churches, a fence we built with our own hands, we grew up with our carelessness, we strengthened by our stupid actions that are not It has an explanation other than that we are failed people who have no purpose in existence

We lived or died, there is no difference, the world will go with us or without us, we are the nobody who did not put our names on the history list and did not contribute to the formation of a single word that might disturb the bad mood of a student one day, while those we mocked do so all year long and for everyone because they They poured all their energy and effort into what they want, not what he wants to continue

Anger at this world and this fate was embodied in an old man who has gone out of time and gone so far that he lives in the past and forgets the present and ignores the future and turns his back on logic and brings a comfortable chair to Satan and makes him sit with happiness and pleasure to watch what human beings can do to each other, he did not realize such a thing as A different time, never heard of such a thing as different thinking, did not care for even a second to try to understand that there are completely different dreams from one person to another.

We don’t live in a duplicating machine to get the same copy out of each other. We are all papers that are written differently, and were printed at different times, so each one of them will go where it belongs if things permit.

We should be grateful to those who remain with us until the end in various circumstances, those who bear us with our faults, those who do not care about our loud and unjustified voice, because they are sure that no one is perfect and perfect, we are all human beings governed by different moods, and varying nerves, so accept all what comes out of us.

A dramatic masterpiece of heavy caliber that did not get its right to fame and follow-up, a movie that carries many messages, many meanings, and harsh iconic scenes on the eyes of any viewer.

Synopsis: A frustrated African American father struggles with the limitations of poverty, racism, and his inner demons while trying to raise his family.

The film is starring and directed by the giant Denzel Washington, who gave an unparalleled performance as usual, a performance full of dramatic moments and full of confrontations between him and most of the characters. And starring the wonderful Viola Davis, who gave a very wonderful performance that definitely deserved an Oscar.

The directors of the film relied in its style on long shots (not one-shot), but long scenes that pass through more than one place and with more than one different dialogue, and this increased the realism and naturalness of the viewer in a more than wonderful way. The film was written by August Wilson, and the film is based on his play of the same title.


Abbas Hyder
Abbas Hyder
Writer, Film Analyzer - Iraq


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