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The movie “Calvary” produced in 2014

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The gray area of ​​the religious debate, Does God exist? Does Satan exist? Who would win if the challenge occurred between them? Well the answer is simply (Humans decide who wins)


Lust, hatred, jealousy, negligence, indifference, kindness, all of them are characteristics that are present in all human beings, and may even meet in one person, who deserves to cry and grieve over him and who does not deserve to be mentioned after his death.


Is killing a mercy, or an end, or is it an attempt to satisfy oneself, or is it an expression of anger and war within you?

Today I will tell you about one of the two films that have been the most subjected to injustice and neglect in the last decade (in my humble opinion), our first film may be the fault of it. It wasn’t the third and fourth, our film was lost in the momentum of the large number of films and the large number of marketing them Our film is not seen and forgotten, but it is possible that no one heard about it at all, and no one saw it, and I do not care that he sees it, because it shows a normal, stereotypical movie like the rest of the dramatic films, right?

This is what I had in mind for whom I caught sight of and decided to see in order to pass the time, but I was surprised and expected at all for those who saw a deep and great movie full of iconic scenes and great dialogues written with great care, a real scenario from the greatest scenarios I have ever seen.

Our film takes us (to a small town in Britain where the priest James and his life for a week after a son of the church threatens to kill him during his confession, what will happen)

In a town whose inhabitants are of all shapes and types, you have the perverted, you have the good in excess, you have the grudge and you have the evil Every scene and every dialogue are paintings with the study of the human psyche, ideas that revolve within the majority of people, questions about religion, about God, about Satan, about race, about sex, what is right and what is wrong. As for the veteran, always wasting his right, Brendan Gleeson, he is the main reason why this is one of the best films of the last decade. cinema, but unfortunately very oppressed All the rest of the cast are creative to the fullest and have increased his greatness and distinction, especially the wonderful Chris O’dowd, who conveyed your feelings of kindness and naivety beyond description. This icon is written and directed by the wonderful John Michael McDonagh, who conveys you paintings embodied in a more than wonderful way A movie that descends on the first shelf with cinematic innovations, a movie that you watch once, two, and three, and every time you will appreciate it more and more.

Directed byJohn Michael McDonagh
Written byJohn Michael McDonagh
Produced byChris ClarkFlora Fernandez-MarengoJames Flynn
StarringBrendan GleesonChris O’DowdKelly ReillyAidan GillenDylan MoranIsaach de BankoléM. Emmet WalshMarie-Josée CrozeDomhnall Gleeson
CinematographyLarry Smith
Edited byChris Gill
Music byPatrick Cassidy
Reprisal FilmsOctagon FilmsBord Scannán na hÉireann/Irish Film BoardBFILipsync Productions
Distributed byMomentum Pictures
Release date19 January 2014 (Sundance)11 April 2014
Running time101 minutes
Box office$16.9 million
Abbas Hyder
Abbas Hyder
Writer, Film Analyzer - Iraq


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