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A Hidden Life

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When the principle is a crime that may lead you to perdition, will you choose the principle or surrender to the reality opposite to your opinions and thinking, will you choose peace of mind or resistance and exert maximum efforts in order to satisfy your conscience, when you live a war between conscience and reality with different motives, the results are what make the difference, that Being an outcast in society is unbearable, but being outcast from your conscience and humanity is something that will haunt you until your death.

The second most unfair in the last decade and one of his greatest masterpieces, our masterpiece is cinema (pure cinema), that is, the embodiment of reality in the most beautiful and best possible picture. In the details of the picture because you are about to live a 3-hour continuous cinematic experience.

The film deals with (the life story of Frans Jägerstätter, the blessed Austrian, whose conscience and reason refused to surrender to the idea of ​​fighting for the Nazis in World War II).

Our masterpiece is integrated from all the elements (in my humble opinion) Acting, there is no word that can describe the acting mastery that we will see, The protagonists of the film are only two characters, the husband played by the wonderful German actor August Diehl, who I consider an extraordinary talent in the role of performance.

And the wonderful wife, Valerie Pachuer, who conveyed feelings of despair, fear and anger. The dialogue, despite its sayings, left great effects on the film.

Directing is a genius by transferring unspeakable cinematic images through the genius writer and director of the film Terrence Malick, who provided us with a cinematic painting that will live in the cinema.

As for the greatest, most accurate and most wonderful element, it is for sure. Cinematography. The real photography was oil colors that paint creative scenes. His style was very different, and this conveyed feelings and expressions in a very close way to the viewer.

An icon in the world of cinema that never took her right of fame and follow-up, but she deserves all your time.

Abbas Hyder
Abbas Hyder
Writer, Film Analyzer - Iraq


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